Requirements and Use Cases Assignment

The Requirements document must include the following content

20 Non-Functional Requirements Statements ( Security, Infrastructure/Connectivity, Hardware, Usability, Technology).
System Requirements Statements – covering all areas defined (Data Retention, Backup & Recovery, Security, System Audit, Service Level Agreements, Disaster Recovery, Contingency Plan)

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Requirements and Use Cases Assignment
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Format Notes:

• All requirements should be unique with traceable numbers. • Statements should be clear and concise, and for functional statements should use the prefix “The system will…” or “The system must….”, etc.

• Each type of requirements should be in a separate table, using the template below. For example, Functional Requirements should be in one table, Non Functional in another, etc… • Be sure to provide descriptive narrative before the tables describing the types of requirements statements being identified, to help with the user understanding of the documentation

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