Critical review and analysis of a scientific article

Assignment #1 is a critical review and analysis of a scientific article. Please use this (link) Article on Fast Food (Links to an external site.) Offerings to complete Assignment #1. Please pay attention to the points on the rubric for the level of detail you need for each question.

Please number each question you’re answering and make sure to read and answer the complete question.

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Critical review and analysis of a scientific article
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Also you might want to watch this video from the leader author of the study. It can help you out.

Video on Fast Food Offerings


  1. After reading the introduction, explain in your own words, the reason(s) why the authors chose to conduct this research study. What scientific question is being addressed? (3 pts) Hint: you need to include the previous research done, and why it is important, and what scientific question is being addressed.
  1. What is the authors’ hypothesis? If no hypothesis is stated, what is the author(s)’ objective? (3 pts) Hint: A hypothesis is a testable statement, not a question.

Participants and Methods

  1. What inclusion and or exclusion criteria were used to select the participants for the study? Why? (3 pts) Hint: Please make sure you give all of the criteria of how the participants were selected.
  2. Describe the study design. (4 pts) Hint: Please see the link below on study design and include the terminology used in that link, as well as a brief overview of the study design. Your answer should let me know you understand what was being done in the study. Also please note this study does not fall neatly into one category.


  1. Briefly summarize the results described in the text. (3 pts) Hint: Please do not refer to tables without talking about the data itself. Your answer should let me know that you understand the results that were obtained from the study.
  2. What conclusion(s) do the authors draw from these results? (3 pts) Hint: this may be different from the actual study results so make sure you support your answer with specific examples.


  1. Do you think that the study results supported the authors’ hypothesis? Why or why not? (3 pts) Hint: often there is not a right or wrong answer here but I am looking for you to justify your answer with specifics from the research.
  2. What are possible future experiments/research areas related to this topic? (3 pts) Hint: this is 3 points so please either expand on the research done (how could you make it better) or purpose the next step with details.
  3. This link may be helpful when you are talking about study design if you are not a science major.

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