Research Proposal Worksheet

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Research Proposal Worksheet
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Let’s get started thinking about your research proposal.  First, jot down a few thoughts about the following:

  • What is your major, minor? Public Administration, Nonprofit organization as a minor.
  • What interests you about these? I work in the public sector already, and I enjoy helping my community.
  • What is one other class you’ve taken you really liked? A class I really enjoyed was when I was in Valencia, the class was Sociology.
  • Which picture did you pick in the first assignment, why? I picked the picture of the Rally or Protest, due to it has a lot of question on what is going on with our country now days.



Jot down three topics you might be interested in finding out more about – write them as a question if you can:

  • Here is an example: “What are UCF students’ attitudes about COVID?”
  1. How do police view their (role in society)?


These questions – one of them – will become your research question. (key statement)

Research Question:  How do police view their (role in society)?

Variable: the variable in this study is xxx. Role in society is defined as yyy.

Hypothesis: It is hypothesized police see their primary role as strict law enforcement.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this descriptive research is to describe how police view their (role in society) for all governmental jurisdictions in Orange County.



So, pick out one of the topics above and jot down a few notes…

What might the variable(s) be in your topic? (key statement-variables)

  • In the research question “What are UCF students’ attitudes about COVID?” the variable is ‘attitudes about COVID’.




How do you think your study might come out if you actually did it (hypothesis)? (key statement- hypothesis)

  • Example: It is hypothesized students are concerned about COVID.



What is the purpose of your research? (key statement- purpose statement)  Now NOTE the format of this statement!

  • Example: The purpose of this descriptive research is describe what student attitudes are toward the COVID virus at UCF.



What kinds of topics might you discuss in your literature review? For this study – polls of students returning to campus, articles written about young people and COVID, articles written about spring semester and students’ reaction.


Later on we’ll have to identify a group to sample, who might that be?  For this sample we’ll be sampling UCF students!


What might we ask them? What is two questions you might ask them?

  • Do you feel COVID is restricting your life?
  • Are you concerned about contracting COVID?

The Police Role is a strict law enforcer   SA, A, N, D, SD

The role is a peacemaker



What will the outcome look like? For this study, I’ll be able to tell what concerns UCF students have about the COVID virus.



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