Marketing short writing

  1. This should be a 2-page introduction.
  2. Title Page requirements:
    • The title page should have our course number, section number, date, the full (first and last name) of all group members, and the name of our group project.
  3. Second Page Requirements:
    • The second page should have a paragraph or two introducing the company your group has chosen and the reasons why.

– Which company do you suggest to work with for our group project?

I was thinking maybe we should work with Steinhorst Plumbing/Truealty Constructions & Services LLC. Truealty bought Steinhorst last year, so they’re DBA Steinhorst. They provide plumbing and remodeling services, however, their website is poorly designed and they are inactive in their social media. Therefore, their marketing strategy is poorly managed. I believe this is a company that requires lots of work and improvement which will provide lots of data to work with for our project.

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Marketing short writing
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