Leadership Consult Capstone Coursework

Project Milestone 2.0: Project Plan
<em “=””>***<i “=””>[Milestone 1.0/Project Selection has already been completed – see attached Word Doc]***<em “=””>

This milestone is the crux of your project. Here you will provide your planned approach to resolving the business issue by offering project detail and identifying deliverables. This milestone has 2 parts:

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Leadership Consult Capstone Coursework
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  • Project Scope: Build a project scope “strawman.” It should include the following:
    • A clear statement of the project building from Milestone 1 feedback.
    • What data will you need to resolve this issue and how will you gather?
    • What are your key deliverables?
    • An understanding of project boundaries? What will you do, what won’t you cover?
    • What have you assumed going into this project? (e.g. COVID will be ongoing; personnel are free to help)
  • Associated Tasks:
    • Using your project design – build a Work Breakdown Structure (a detailed task list) which includes levels 2-3 (at a minimum) for the project work. The WBS must be prepared in Excel or in Word.

1. You have been offered several links to assist in building the WBS – and I have offered a “mock live” lecture to assist.

Build a timeline, start to finish. To do this associate number of days each task should take, and how this might overlap with other tasks. Another “mock live” lecture, and a sample timeline is offered to assist.

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