Indigo Essay

Indigo is normally an autonomous person. Discuss how she would go about making an important decision —for example, what career to pursue, whether to make a large purchase, whether to marry someone. That will require you to go into depth about the concept of autonomy and what has to be going on for someone to be autonomous; a slogan will not be enough. Then discuss in detail one way someone else’s actions could undermine the autonomy of her choice. Finally, discuss in detail one way that social forces (social, cultural, economic, et cetera) could undermine the autonomy of her choice.

To answer the question in this assignment, you will need to synthesize in your own words material covered in the lectures and do some independent thought which goes beyond the material in the lectures. You will not be able to successfully complete the assignment without reading / watching the course materials (probably several times as you work on this).

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Indigo Essay
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You will receive a 1 point amount of credit for completing this assignment. The remaining 6 points will be based on how well you answer the question.

There is no official minimum page length / word count. However, I expect the vast majority of you will need about 1000 words to fully answer the question.

There is no time-limit; you can open the assignment and look at it as many times as you want.

It’s a good idea to write your answers in a file on your computer (Google Docs, whatever) and then copy-paste them here. That way you won’t lose your work if your connection times out, et cetera.

Here is the rubric that will be used to grade your answer:

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