Child Trafficking in California

Research Topic: Child Trafficking in California

Lab Work Assignments Due: Explain your research topic. Write down your statement of the problem? Which philosophical science approach makes the most sense to you? What philosophical assumptions will inform your research proposal? (e.g., Positivist, Constructivist, Pragmatist)? What particular values will inform your research proposal? What is your unit of analysis? Explain. What theoretical frameworks will inform your research proposal?, (e.g., Feminist Theory, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, Marxist Theory, Neo-Marxist Theory, Postmodern Theory, Rational Choice Theory, Labeling theory, Social Disorganization Theory, Strain Theory, Social Learning Theory, Psycho-Social Theories). Explain.

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Child Trafficking in California
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at the bottom there is a sample of how the lab assignment should be

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