The Socialization Experiences of Exotic Dancers

Reading 3 – Lewis. Learning to Strip: The Socialization Experiences of Exotic Dancers

This reading is an example of socialization in a deviant occupation – in exotic dancing. Through participant observation, the author conducted fieldwork in exotic dancing facilities around Ontario, Canada. Through interviews with dancers, clients, and other participants in the industry the author describes how the dancers enter the profession, how they negotiate their practices while trying to retain a sense of normalcy, and what they experience in personal lives as a result of socialization in exotic dancing. Think of the following guideline questions. At least one page.

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The Socialization Experiences of Exotic Dancers
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  1. What is the difference between anticipatory socialization and on-the-job socialization?
  2. How do dancers neutralize their participation in a deviant occupation? Is it a deviant occupation?
  3. The author describes two types of dancers: career and goal-oriented dancers. Who suffers more? Why?
  4. Finally, is it possible socialization can make us change sexual desires?

and read the post for me classmate, reply at lease 250 words

A very common form of adult socialization is learning an occupation. Individuals learn an occupation in multiple ways which include specialized education, hands on experiences, training, and by working the job. Anticipatory socialization is a prior experience that could potentially assist one in their future career. For example, most dancers had an anticipatory socialization experience such as being in the entertainment industry, being a professional dancer, being in the theatre industry, or having an agent who prepared them for their career of being an exotic dancer. Individuals often talked to people in the industry about the job before they thought of it as a potential career for themselves. On the job socialization is learning and gaining a hands-on experience by completing the job. On the job socialization occurs to individuals of all different occupations and takes time to obtain. Exotic dancers obtained their experience by doing the act of dancing on stage or performing for another individual. Often, exotic dancers rationalize and neutralize their actions of participating in a deviant occupation to allow them to not feel guilty about their actions in society. Some exotic dancers deny that there is any harm involved with their occupation. While others feel that they are just like everyone else – normal individuals. Some feel that they need to do whatever they can to make money to support themselves and others. I personally feel that being an exotic dancer is unacceptable. However, there are individuals all around the world that participate in these activities. While they are abnormal day jobs and not a huge industry to have a career in, individuals who participate in these activities are a part of a community. Even though there are two types of dancers, which are career and goal oriented, both types of dancers say that money is the most motivating factor of their career. The career-oriented dancer is one who entered the industry with the intent of working it long term because they saw it as an employment opportunity which would pay well. On the other hand, goal-oriented dancers enter the industry with a specific goal in mind. For example, dancers may work their industry to pay off their debt or be able to stay afloat. One group of goal-oriented dancers are students because these women feel that it pays well and fits into their class schedule. Goal oriented dancers suffer more than career-oriented dancers because they enter the industry with the intent of leaving after a short period of time. However, when they go to find another job they realize they will not be making as much money as they were. A common trouble of exotic dancers are relationships because it is hard to find a companion who will understand, accept, and approve the job and what it entails. Some dancers may create relationships with other dancers because that is who they are surrounded by and who accepts their career choice.

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