Road Map for Planned Change Paper

Assignment 2: Road Map for Planned Change Paper (24 points)

Students will develop a scholarly paper addressing a problem, issue, or situation needing changewithin the practice setting. The paper will address how the advanced practice nurse can facilitate and develop a road map for change.

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Road Map for Planned Change Paper
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Assignment Criteria:

  • 1.Identify a problem, issue, or situation needing change within the practice or organizational setting. Include background information.
  • Select and discuss a change model that can be applied to the selected problem, issue, or situation.
    1. Discuss how to facilitate the change and create buy-in from the health care professionals
    2. Discuss possible resistance to the change that would need to be overcome
    3. Articulate a plan for making the change using a change road map for the team (the starting point, steps to take for making the change, and successful completion). This is a narrative, not a diagram.
    4. Explain the importance of effective communication and the role it plays in influencing decisions during the change.
    5. The scholarly paper should be in narrative format and 4 to 5 pages excluding the title and reference page.

6.Include an introductory paragraph, purpose statement, and a conclusion.

7.Include level 1 and 2 headings to organize the paper.

8.Write the paper in third person, not first person (meaning do not use ‘we’ or ‘I’) and in a scholarly manner. To clarify I, we, you, me, our may not be used. In addition, describing yourself as the researcher or the author should not be used.

9.Include three professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references to support the paper(review in Ulrich Periodical Directory) and be less than five (5) years old.

10. APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations).

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