Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups

Chapter 3. External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups

Learning Objectives

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Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups
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  1. Generate a PESTEL analysis to evaluate the impact of external factors on the firm.
  2. Differentiate the roles of firm effects and industry effects in determining firm performance.
  3. Apply Porter’s five competitive forces to explain the profit potential of different industries.
  4. Examine how competitive industry structure shapes rivalry among competitors.
  5. Describe the strategic role of complements in creating positive-sum co-opetition.
  6. Explain the five choices required for market entry.
  7. Appraise the role of industry dynamics and industry convergence in shaping the firm’s external environment.
  8. Generate a strategic group model to reveal performance differences between clusters of firms in the same industry.

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

  1. In January 2017, a U.S. grand jury indicted six current and former VW executives for their alleged role in the emissions scandal and its subsequent cover-up. The U.S. Justice Department decided to bring charges against these executives after a 16-month criminal investigation by the FBI. In the past, it has been rare for executives to be personally indicted for company misconduct. Do you agree with the decision to go after individual managers in this case? Why or why not?

Respond to the post of at least two peers, using 100 words minimum each.

[Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion].

[Your initial post should be at least 450+ words and in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced). Post the actual body of your paper in the discussion thread then attach a Word version of the paper for APA review]

[Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. A peer response such as “I agree with her,” or “I liked what he said about that” is not considered substantive and will not be counted for course credit. A blank post just to review other submissions will not be tolerated]

COURSE: Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, and Innovation

Required Text(s): Rothaermel, F. (2021). Strategic Management. 5th McGraw Hill. ISBN13: 9781260261288

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