This American Life” on the topic “#1 Party School

Submit your typed Reaction Paper for Unit 1

For this first Reaction Paper, react to the Unit 1 readings *and* the 30-minute long portion of the radio program “This American Life” on the topic “#1 Party School” — audio clip below.

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This American Life” on the topic “#1 Party School
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Write a Reaction Paper for Unit 1 in which you articulate connections you find between the stories you hear in this radio program and the Unit 1 class material (what you’ve learned about in class so far, and from the Unit 1 readings).

Be sure to address:

– What “social institutions” do you hear mentioned in the radio program?

– How does what you hear connect to Unit 1 readings?

– Has the experience of hearing these stories made you perceive your own experiences as a college student differently?

Note: The clip below contains Acts 1 and 3 of the radio program; if you would like to listen to the entire program, you can stream it for free at the following website: (Links to an external site.)

Click below to listen to the radio program audio clip “#1 Party School”:

The above is an excerpt from the full Reaction Paper instructions – To review the complete Reaction Paper instructions (distributed at the beginning of the semester), click below:

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