Stuck how to start

Answer the following questions. Each main post should be a minimum of 300 substantive words in length (or longer).Follow the use of appropriate language and netiquette for the academic setting.

***NOTE: This week’s topic can be quite personal as well as controversial. Please be respectful of each other. Also be especially diligent in carefully selecting the words used when discussing controversial/difficult topics. Please treat this space as a safe-space for everyone. What happens in this discussion should be respect and stays here in this space only (kind of like what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas).***

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Stuck how to start
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  1. Define culture using the textbook. Follow APA format to cite the source(s) used (i.e. textbook). If you are unfamiliar with APA format, please review the Perdue OWL website. If you are a visual learner, there are multiple videos on APA format available on YouTube.
  2. Based on your observations how does your culture and gender identity influence your own behavior and communication?
  3. In what ways do social media influence culture, co-cultural groups, and gender identity?
  4. Connect with any other concepts/theories/ideas from the chapter.

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