A news article on epigenetics.

When we think of the traits that we have we often think of them as being products of our genes. However, we never think of the fact that there are factors that control for the expression of our genes. Epigenes are important chemical tags siting on our DNA that are responsible for the activation or deactivation of the genes that we have.

For this discussion board I would like you to look for a news article on epigenetics.

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A news article on epigenetics.
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You will need to do the following for points:

  1. Give a short summary of what the news headline is about. Your news headline can deal with any aspect of epigenetics. Make sure you give a citation or simply provide a link to the website that you used.
  2. As part of your summary you will have to say how the epigene(s) that you looked at is/are responsible for gene regulation. Alternatively, you can talk about how environmental factors can influence the epigenes.
  3. You will have to respond to two student posts.
  4. Lastly, make sure you cite your work.

When constructing your response make sure you keep them concise and to the point.

Here are a few links that would help you.

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