Values of homes in San Diego

Go to the internet and do a google search. Start the search with the words “linear regression data for (input a topic of your choice).” Just think about a situation where one would want to see a trend line, for example, you could input “values of homes in San Diego”, or “number of wins by a favorite sports team or athlete”, or “starbucks monthly profits”, “or student success rates”, or here is one more “table for the population of US citizens from 1900 to 2020,’ etc… Whatever topic you pick to do the regression data for should be in a field of interest to you. This discussion will give you the chance to meet some more of your classmates and start thinking about how the Internet and social media might impact the way you can apply your mathematical skills. Once you find the data from the search engine, perform the same steps you used to create a linear regression equation for Feliz Baumgarbers skydive, your topic of choice. .

Write 150+ words to complete this initial post.

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Values of homes in San Diego
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    • Include why you chose the search you did.
    • Any problems you had when finding your data,and creating your post.
    • Explain the way the discussion project made you feel while figuring it out, and how you felt once it was completed.
    • Your post should include the units for the slope of the regression line and its meaning.
    • Use either excel, or similar spreadsheet program, or free online software to create the scatterplot and regression equation Another option is you can do the scatterplot with the linear regression equation on your your graphing calculator and take a picture of this with your cell phone and insert the photo into your discussion post.

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