The Engineered Century

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The Engineered Century
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Read the article provided and answer the following questions.

Armstrong, Neil A., “The Engineered Century”, The Bridge, National Academy of Engineering, Spring 2000, pp. 14-18.

  • What is the hierarchy of decision making techniques used by engineers mentioned by Neil Armstrong?Mention all eight levels.(8)
  • What was the decision-making technique used to decide the list of the most important engineering achievements of the last century?(2)
  • What was the criterion of comparing the achievements?(2)
  • Why did great achievements such as space flight or self-guided missiles not make the list?(3)
  • Do you agree with this basis of selecting the candidates?Why? (3)
  • Since the publication of this article in 2000 (the lecture was staged in 1999), several years have passed and many new engineering achievements have been made.Do you think any of these recent achievements would have made it to the top-ten list, if the list was made today?(3)
  • Project yourself four years into the future from now: you have just graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. Now reflect back on today and describe your personal growth target for these four years ahead of you. In short, what do you want to achieve so that you could call yourself a successful mechanical engineering graduate?Write in 100 words or less.(4)

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