Reading response

Read Chapter 1 of Peak (Ericsson & Pool, 2016).

Write a two-paragraph reading response by identifying a meaningful point, idea, or quotation from the reading, and then write a response to the point, idea, or quotation. Your response should be your thoughts, insights, and/or critical reflection about the point. Informal, first person writing is fine (e.g., “I think that …”). You can also identify questions that you have based on the point you are talking. Basically, just ENGAGE in a reflective way with the chapter information.

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Reading response
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Your two paragraphs can be about the same point/idea/quotation, or you can identify two points/issues/quotations and write a paragraph for each.

It may be helpful for you to keep all your chapter reading responses in one file or document. You can post each one on Canvas when you write it, but will have one entire document to refer to at the end of the semester when you do the final “Things that Stick from Reading Peak” response (overall summary or take-home impressions from reading Peak).

Criteria for grading Reading Responses

Responses should be thoughtful, showing your honest and critical engagement with the ideas presented in the chapter. Specifically address a point or idea from the chapter, and provide your thoughts, opinions, and/or questions about it. Overall – engage in a thoughtful way with an idea or two presented in the chapter.

Evaluation of Reading Responses

5 = excellent; 4 = very good, 3 = okay, 2 = below average; 1 = poor, 0 = unacceptable.

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