Public administration and public affairs

NEED THIS BOOK TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT: Henry, N. (2017). Public administration and public affairs. Routledge.

Scope and Purpose of Public Administration

Weekly chapter review blog- Students will post a blog entry based on assigned weeks reading. Do not spend too much time summarizing the chapter as a chapter overview will be provided and your colleagues have done the reading. Your blog should be properly constructed, well thought-out, insightful and inclusive of a public administration standpoint. It must be at least 500 words.

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Public administration and public affairs
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Your chapter blog entry should demonstrate thoughtful reflection on the materials studied by creatively incorporating information from the readings in order to dialogue with an “Internet constitutency” of like-minded professionals. The purpose of composing the weekly blog entries is to develop critical thinking skills as a foundation for scholarly writing within the arena of teaching and learning. By the end of the course, the individual blogs will provide a progressive record of learning that can be used to help compose the Reflective Essay.

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