Developmental Models of Supervision

Although there are many different models of supervision, this week’s Discussion focuses on developmental models because they are perhaps the most widely used supervisory models. Developmental models are uniquely created for supervision and training. Stoltenberg (2008) suggests that a number of domains should be evaluated for supervision, including intervention skills competence, assessment techniques, interpersonal assessment, client conceptualization, theoretical orientation, professional ethics, individual differences, and treatment goals and plans. Each of these domains provides a wealth of important information for a supervisor to assess in his or her supervisee.

To prepare for this Discussion, review Stoltenberg’s developmental model of supervision (see Chapter 3 in Falender & Shafranske, 2008b).

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Developmental Models of Supervision
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By Day 4

Post an explanation of why it is important to include in a developmental supervision model the domains that Stoltenberg (2008) describes. Then, select one domain and fully describe its function or purpose. Finally, explain how you would integrate that domain into your own model of supervision.

Be sure to support your post with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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