Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

Section A


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Corporate social responsibility & sustainability
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Answer any 4 questions. Minimum word limit 300 words per question.

Each question carry 10 marks, total 40 marks.


  1. Corporate governance and leadership to sustainability are operating under certain principles of corporate governance, discuss and apply different principles of corporate governance with examples


  1. Good practice in corporate governance disclosures build the reputations and goodwill of the corporate, explain and apply various corporate governance disclosures with examples.


  1. Various forces drive corporate commitment to sustainable business practices, explain these drivers in detail and apply to the sustainable business practices.


  1. Evaluate and apply key drivers of sustainable business practices like Consumer demand, CSR initiatives, Technological advance, Government intervention and Social activism


  1. Depending on the sustainability of the stakeholder relationships, corporate sustainability of the firm is continuing to operate the business over a long period of time, in this context justify your answer by apply various stakeholders’ management and sustainability concepts


Section B


Answer any 2 questions. Minimum word limit 500 words per question.

Each question carry 20 marks, total 40 marks,


  1. Sustainability leadership is securing the commitment of management and developing a system of incentives to rewards managers, in relation to this critically evaluate Internal factors that determines sustainability.


  1. The company respond to the driving forces of sustainable business practices depend on how the managing teams tackle the relationship between economic growth and the environment, in this context evaluate Trade – off view, Economic synergy view and Corporate social responsibility view.


  1. In order to face the strategic challenge related to the management of stakeholder relationships and meet the managerial needs, there is a strong need for a clear and modular methodology for sustainability accounting system, in this approach evaluate and apply overall reporting systems including, The annual report, The social report and The environmental report



Total = 80 Marks

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