Cases in Finance

Submission file format: Excel document with all the answers, clearly identifying all four projects and showing the present values of the cash flows as well as

explanations when needed. Clearly provide all the assumptions which you take to solve this case.

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Cases in Finance
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For this Final Assignment (individual), the students must carry out the following work:

Read the case “Ligthing the Way at the Manor House Hotel”, and calculate the present value among the four types of bulbs. Determine which bulb

you would choose and why.

The structure of the work will be built around the following elements:

1. Excel table showing the calculation of the present values of the four alternatives as well as the assumptions taken (20 pts each = total 80 points)

2. Summary of the present values and choice of the bulb (20 pts)

Show all your calculation.

Be precise and provide numbers to support your analysis.

Create a specific tab in your Excel file with only the final answers (i.e. the four present values and the bulb chosen)

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