Animal Ethics

Each journal entry will be 1-2 double spaced pages in 12 point font. The complete Application Assignment is due in Module 8. Please review the Rubric for these journal entries under PROGRESS for complete requirements.

This week you will reflect on ethics in animal research. First, study chapter 1 of your text, paying particular attention to the sections covering ethics regarding the use of animals in research, then answer the following questions in your journal entry.
1. Why are ethical practices important in animal research?
2. How does the biopsychologist justify the use of animals in research?
3. What were your thoughts on this topic before starting this class?
4. Has anything changed after studying the material?

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Animal Ethics
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The text is Pinel and Barnes: Chapters 1 & 2: (Human Evolution; Fundamental Genetics; Epi Genetics of Behavioral Development; Genetics of Human Psychological Differences; Evolutionary Psychology) and must be used in journal entry.

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