Analyzing the Consumer Markets

In chapter 3,You will need to read the entire chapter and use the concepts you saw earlier to answer the questions. Analyzing the Consumer Markets

and Buyer Behavior(Page130), analyze Company Case Kraft Heinz: Once a Taste Maker Now Struggles as Consumer Tastes Changepage158 and then answer four Questions “Questions for Discussion” (Page159). Answer five or four sentences per question.

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Analyzing the Consumer Markets
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5-16 Of the factors that influence consumer behavior, which

category or categories (cultural, social, personal, or psychological)

best explain Kraft Heinz’s current situation?

5-17 Choose the specific consumer behavior factor (for example,

culture, family, occupation, attitudes) that most

accounts for Kraft Heinz’s current situation.

5-18 With respect for buying groceries, discuss the buyer

decision process and how it has changed in recent


5-19 Make recommendations for Kraft Heinz that you think

will turn its situation around.

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