Philosophy assignment 1.2

some discussion paper dos, don’ts, etc. . . .

write as clearly and as plainly as possible

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Philosophy assignment 1.2
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don’t rant

check facts before sharing them

don’t repeat the prompt (we’ve already read it)

feel free to challenge the prompt (e.g., argue that it’s premised on something questionable, or that it’s unclear or ambiguous or . . . )

if you’re undecided on something, that’s fine — but explain why

feel free to head off on tangents — but keep them short

if it’s about someone’s work, you need first to read it — carefully

be fair: don’t misrepresent alternative views or opposing arguments

don’t tell us that this is just your opinion (we guessed that): give us reasons to share it, and acknowledge possible reasons against it

why do you think so? = what reason is there (for any of us) to think so? (I’m not asking about your background, upbringing, biases, etc.)

try to anticipate objections: answer them as best you can, but in any event acknowledge them

if you can’t see more than one side to some question, try harder: if you still can’t, you probably should choose another topic

feel free to use others’ ideas, arguments, examples, etc. — but don’t forget to tell us when you do so (provide citations)

(good) humor appreciated (though not required)





Assignment 1.2

Is it possible to outlive your body? How might that work? Consider two suggestions . . .

  • You are an immaterial soul, currently occupying a material body. When that body dies, you leave it and survive — either dis- embodied (here or in some hereafter) or reincarnated.

(2) You are a personality (a set of personal qualities — memories, likes and dislikes, values, beliefs, talents, virtues and vices, etc.) currently realized in a material body. When that body dies, you might (through another’s agency, either right away or sometime lat- er) be realized in a new body, and pick up where you left off.

What’s there to be said for or against either of these suggestions? Aside from these, how else could you outlive your body? Or is that even possible?

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