Outline for Essay

Hello I need outline for an essay, I will provide the outline prompt for you and the three resources required to be used to do the outline.

The essay discussing and focusing on who is responsible for the nation’s health so the main argument must be related to this topic and the evidence should support the topic (the evidence from the three resources)

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Outline for Essay
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The resources required to be used for this essay are:-

1- What you eat is your business

2- Don’t blame the eater

3- The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate ( attached )


Please take in consideration that the essay’s prompt is this just to give you an idea

Obesity and unhealthy eating are compromising the health of many Americans and many where the blame for this lies. Author David Zinczenko believes the fast food chains are at fault while other individuals such as Radley Balko believe consumers must be held responsible for their own choices. Considering the methods used by fast food chains and food companies (as discussed in Michael Moss’ “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food”), where do you believe the blame lies? The consumer? Food companies? The government? Take a stand and make an argument in favor of it, supporting your point of view by citing evidence from the texts used in class.


The Outline prompt:

Introduction: Main argument

  • What is your main argument?
  • How is this debatable?


  • What is your first claim?
  • What evidence or reasons do you have to support it?

From which Text #:

2. What is your second claim?

  • What evidence do you have to support it?

From which Text #:

3. What is your third claim?

  • What evidence do you have to support it?

From which Text #:


  • What arguments will your opponents make and how will you respond to these?
  • Counterargument:

Your response:

2. Counterargument:

Your response:


How will you end your essay? What does the future hold for your topic? What possible implications does your topic entail?

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