Medusa in Percy Jackson vs Medusa in ancient greek myth

Find a meta-plot that has been used by different cultures and/or interpreted in a more modern way (Medusa in Percy Jackson vs Medusa in ancient greek myth) Compare and contrast the original with the more modern interpretation. Suggest reasons why the more modern interpretation was changed to reflect societal differences. (E.g. the flood as cleansing in the Bible and the flood in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. While the Bible is more concerned with good and evil and religion, the movie focuses on global warming and self-inflicted “cleansing” via the flood.

You may want to use the modern interpretation of a story as your starting point. .

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Medusa in Percy Jackson vs Medusa in ancient greek myth
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Your Synthesis will incorporate

  • an original story or meta-plot (you get to decide which is the “original” since it is really difficult to know which one was “first.”), briefly described,
  • (2) a discussion of the modern re-interpretation and how you know it is an ‘update’ of the ‘original’
  • (3) how the alterations in the modern re-interpretation only reflect difference in societal thought. This will also require an outside source to support your points, especially if the modern version includes a re-interpretation based upon a specific perspective like feminism, racism, use of technology, etc. Don’t consider our values as being common knowledge: use sources to support and demonstrate your connections to the societal values you see in the changes to the story.
    • 1600 words minimum
      • Word count listed under name
    • Source requirements: primary source(s) and at least 1 scholarly secondary source
    • in MLA format
    • MLA works cited and in-text citations

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