Chapter 2 Discussion questions

In Chapter 2 we learn about the origins of England’s settlements in the New World and how and why the English colonies differed from one another in purpose and organization. As the colonies expanded and grew, problems arose .We will discuss how the colonists attempted to solve these problems. We will see that the inhabitants gradually developed new ways of doing and thinking in response to their new environment and needs. At the same time, Spain’s colonial system thrived and it had an impact on the British colonies. Spain’s successes increased the other European powers in planting colonies.

  1. In which of Britain’s permanent 13 North American colonies would you wish to live (before 1750)?
  2. Describe the colony such as who founded it, when and why? What stands out to you about this colony?
  3. Make a connection between what you learned in Chapter 2 to your life today or share a personal perspective on what we learned

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Chapter 2 Discussion questions
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