Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

Read the following Chapters: The Syllabus, The Student, The Audio Visual & The Orientation

Pages 5-31.

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Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
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Answer the following questions in Sentence form, not one word anwers.

Who is the book about?

How does the author know this person?

Explain how Mitch and Morrie are reunited.

Where does the story take place?


  • Next to each word is the page you will find it on in the novel
  • Look each word up in the dictionary,
  • Break the word down into it’s syllables.See bottom of document for a sample dictionary entry.


  • Prominent- (5)
  • Commandeer (6)
  • Profound (10)
  • Synonymous (12)
  • Rousing (13)
  • Discarding (18)
  • Clamor (19)
  • Narcissist (21)
  • Humility (22)
  • Emerge (27)

Group Activity. You will be broken into break our rooms in 3’s.You will be discussing the following topic: Living Funeral

*As Morrie embraces life, he holds a LIVING FUNERAL, so that all of the people that are important in his life could tell him what they thought and felt about him.

You will be discussing with a partner what you think the people closest to you would say about you if YOU were to do as Morrie did and hold a Living Funeral

List 5-10 things you think or hope that people would say about you at yours? What will people remember you for?

Journal Reflection:

In one paragraph, respond to this:

Can we change who we are by deciding we dislike a quality that we possess?For example, sometimes I find that I do not listen when a friend who talks a lot speaks.She tells me that it hurts her feelings. How can I make this change?What goes into making this decision?Did you find something you would like to change when you are thinking about what people will say at your living funeral? What you like to change?Why?Write in complete Sentences.

Sample Dictionary Entry: 1. Is the way the word is broken into it’s syllables

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