The Food Service Industry


This assignment will evaluate students’ ability to generate and communicate knowledge of the food service industry gained during this module. The assignment will focus on differences between food service commercial and non-commercial establishments that consider the needs and preferences of user groups related to the overall dining experience.

Explain the difference between the food service operation in a commercial and non-commercial food service operation?

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The Food Service Industry
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  • Identify a non-commercial and commercial food service operation.
  • Discuss the service operation, staff required and organization of these two operations.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both operations identified.
  • Critical thinking and reflection are expected as you examine and identify the content with your own experiences.

Assignment Requirements

To obtain a high grade for your effort it is highly recommended you proofread before submitting your assignment.

  • Well organized and able to finish most of the assigned tasks in the allotted time to complete the assignment to a high standard of academic writing
  • Demonstrates full knowledge with explanations and elaboration throughout the assignment. Arguments are fully supported with support material correctly referenced
  • Recommendations and conclusions that can be readily adopted or show a clear rationale and supporting acknowledgment of the processes in the correct context.

Assignment Instructions

  • Maximum of 1000-1200 words; word count to be stated on the front Cover Page
  • Cover page: module name, code, your name, and student ID. An Assignment Cover Page will be available on Canvas
  • Font 12 of Times New Roman with 1.5 spacing and one-inch margin
  • Pages are to be numbered at the bottom center of the page
  • The editorial style of the American Psychological Association (APA) for citation of references has to be followed. Information can be accessed via Canvas subject modules as to APA referencing requirements.
  • Required to use at least 3 relevant journal articles in this assignment.
  • Only two internet references allowed.
  • Please reference correctly

All original documents are to be uploaded as .docx files in Microsoft Word and pasted into the submission box. It’s important that this criteria is met, if not, they will not be given a grade. Once you have completed the discussion document, upload your correctly formatted file as an attachment. No other software programs will be accepted, especially .ink or .odt.

Please be sure to limit your file size to 1 MB for any files you upload for course assessment.

Submission Requirements

Discussions documents are due by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please note that NO WORK may be submitted later than 12 Hours beyond the original due time and date without prior approval from your instructor. NO work will be accepted after the final class of the semester.

If you complete assignments late and have not previously been given an extension by the course instructor, your grade on the assignment or test will be automatically lowered. The number of points deducted will depend upon the relative lateness of the submission.

Remember, to submit work that is overdue to receive some credit, rather than not submit and receive no credit.

Late submission will be heavily penalized (over 12 hours 30% off the assignment marks) 24 hours overdue will not be accepted.

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