Telco Extra

This assignment uses the attached data file Telco Extra.xls This data file concerns a telecommunications company’s efforts to reduce churn in its customer base. Each case corresponds to a separate customer and records various demographic and service usage information. The data file contains the data on about half of the customers of the company, selected at random. In order to maintain the privacy of the customers, the identifying information (specific address, Social Security number) was stripped out.

The income data was purchased from an outside vendor. The telecommunications company would like to get a better understanding of customers who churn, as well as predict the income of a customer so that the company need not spend money purchasing the income data from an outside vendor.

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Telco Extra
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Examine the 34 variables in the Telco data file in terms of their labels and values. Develop a research report to include the following components. Use SAS to produce the outputs and graphs.

  • Introduction of the purpose of your paper. You should write this section after completing parts 2-6.
  • Provide the sample characteristics in terms of age, years at current address, gender, level of education, income, marital status, region, custcat, and churn of the respondents in the sample based on the results of descriptive statistics you perform on the nine variables. Provide an appropriate graph for each of the variables using SAS.
  • Choose churn to be the dependent variables and the other six variables mentioned in part (2). Omit the variable income for this part. Perform multiple linear regression analysis. This is to be done in SAS Studio.
  • What would be the hypotheses in part (3)?
  • Interpret the SAS output in terms of strength and direction of the relationship.
  • Now, repeat parts (3)-(5) using income as the dependent variable. Omit the variable churn.

Summarize your results in both analyses. Also, state any surprises or unexpected findings. Do statistical results support your hypotheses, strength, and direction?

Copy and paste the SAS results and graphs in a Word document in addition to your answers. Ensure everything is clearly labeled. Cite two to three academic sources other than the textbook, course materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials. Follow APA format.

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