Scatterplot and Correlation Coefficient

In assignment 2, you will demonstrate the ability to create a scatterplot using data collected from actual people (if possible), and to compute a correlation coefficient. Select two continuous variables to measure, for example height and weight (but don’t use these variables – they are boring), or average hours of sleep per night and spring semester GPA (don’t use these either). You should have a rationale for being interested in the relationship between the two variables that you select. Take measurements from 10 volunteers and use the data to create a scatterplot (in Excel), including a line of best fit (AKA trend line). If you do not have access to 10 actual volunteers, you may utilize genuine data you find online (e.g., player data/statistics for an athletic team). Make sure your scatterplot is completely and properly labeled. Also, using Excel, compute and report the correlation coefficient.

If you don’t know how to use Excel to create a scatterplot, there are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube. Simply search YouTube for “creating a scatter plot using ________________________ (your Excel software). If you don’t know how to compute the correlation coefficient, search YouTube or simply use this formula: =CORREL(array 1,array 2).

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Scatterplot and Correlation Coefficient
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Submit the Excel worksheet including the a) raw data, b) scatterplot (with trend line) and c) correlation coefficient by Friday, August 28 at 11:59 PM. An example of the submission format can be found in Module 2.1.

Contact Dr. Berg if you have questions about Assignment 2.

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