You are to write a press release of 350-400 words. Use your own words, except for Stockton quotes. Before you write, decide what the lead should say, What about the second and third paragraphs?

Hint: there is one bit of major news to report. Start with what is new. Do not begin by recycling old news.

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The best way to compose the release is to cover no more than two points per paragraph. Attempting to cover more than that, will not only exceed the paragraph word limit, you will confuse readers.

Don’t use the “we” or first-person voice. Instead, write as though you were not part of the controversy.

Assume your readers—reporters—know at least a little about Brandywine.

Note that some of the information is not designated for release. It’s simply context. Do not disclose internal discussions. Those should not be made public.

Use as much of the background as you deem necessary to produce a clear and persuasive message. That message, at its most basic level, is that the Lumberjacks are so appalled by Brandywine’s behavior that they have fired him. That is very big news.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that your purpose is to be reasonably candid and reassure fans, the media, and the public in general of the team’s sincere desire to handle this controversy professionally and ethically.

Be sure to use the press release format. The header and contact and team information are not part of the assigned word count.TeamInformation:TheLumberjacksare the youngestoftheNFLteams.Ithasfromthestartenjoyedsolidandenthusiasticfansupport.The team is considered among the most lucrative of all professional sports teams in the UnitedStates.

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