INFS 4620 Enterprise Database Systems

Assignment 1


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INFS 4620 Enterprise Database Systems
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Write the SQL queries for the following questions. Use aliases to appropriately name any output that is labeled by default as Expr1 or No Column Name. You must take a screen shot of the SQL statement and the results and paste that into a Word document and then drop the document into the digital drop box on Blackboard.



  1. The total salary of all employees in the MIS department.


  1. The number of employees in the current year who got a performance rating of 3 or more or a salary increase of 5% or more.



  1. The SSN, name, and salary of employees in the Marketing department who joined the firm after 12/31/2003 and earn more than $75,000.


  1. The SSN, name, dept, salary of the highest earner in the whole firm.


  1. The SSN, Name, Department, Salary, performance rating, and date joined of workers who joined before 2007 but not including those who are either in the MIS department or those who earn more than $100,000 and joined after 2004.


  1. The maximum salaries of employees grouped by department and position.


  1. The number of workers in each department who joined the firm in 2010 or after.


  1. The average performance ratings given by supervisor. The query should return the supervisor’s SSN, name, and average performance rating and should be ordered by average performance rating in ascending order.


where is the data ?this Friday

I can do this assignement its easy I learnt sql in college

I meant where is the data for this sql question?

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