GEOL 112 Human rights Essay

  1. Choose one of the 30 human rights as established by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and explain this right in plain English. (2 points)
  2. Why did you choose the above human right to answer Question 1? Briefly explain. (2 points)
  3. Do you think the universal human right is accepted by all? If not then provide one documented example from a news article post-1948. You must clearly document which human right you are addressing, when, and where this human right was abused using reputable sources. If you use an outside source other than the Gjelten (2018) article, then you must cite that source as well. Your assignment must use reputable and established newspaper or journalism sites and refrain from using opinion pieces. The chart below is very helpful in these partisan days of “Fake News.” (6 points)

Answer each question in your own words unless otherwise specified. If you must quote material, then do so judiciously and cite your sources. Each of your answers should be no more than three paragraphs. Alternatively, you may compose your assignment as one essay: Questions 1 and 2 in your introduction and Question 3 in the body, a concluding paragraph is essential to sum up what you discussed in the preceding paragraphs.

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GEOL 112 Human rights Essay
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