CSIA 459: Technology Transfer Research Paper

Technology Transfer Research Paper

For this paper, you will research, analyze, and discuss the processes involved in helping technologies emerge from the R&D environment so that they can be incorporated into products and services which meet the needs of the cybersecurity industry. Your research should include: technology transfer processes and initiatives and funding sources, i.e. venture capital, government grants, etc. You should also address the technology development lifecycle and the role of funding availability at each of the lifecycle stages (See NIST GCR 02-841).

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CSIA 459: Technology Transfer Research Paper
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Begin your research by reading the Week 1 readings. Then, review the following documents and resources about technology transfer processes and initiatives. Continue your research by investigating the availability (or lack) of federal funding for innovations in the cybersecurity area.

  • What is a technology?


  • Between Invention and Innovation: An Analysis of Funding for Early-Stage Technology Development (NIST GCR 02–841)

https://www.nist.gov/system/files/documents/2017/0… (you must use this exact version)

o http://www.dhs.gov/technology-transfer-program

o https://www.dhs.gov/science-and-technology/technol…

Next, research the role that private funding (venture capital) plays in providing money and resources to innovators who are developing cybersecurity technologies and products. How does the availability of venture capital impact the development of technology? How do venture capitalists influence the emergence or death of technology developments? Provide specific examples from your research.

Your research is to be incorporated into a 3 to 5 page written summary of the technology transfer process and associated funding issues. Your report is to be submitted as an MS Word attachment to the Technology Transfer Research Paper entry in your assignments folder. See the sample paper and paper template provided in Content > Course Documents > APA

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