CJS Discussion #1

DQ #1 – Myths of FV

Efforts to combat domestic violence can sometimes be hindered by myths about domestic violence. These myths develop in part because it can be difficult to understand why one person would hurt another, particularly in the context of an intimate relationship. Myths provide erroneous information about why domestic violence happens, and many of these myths are common throughout the world.

Understanding these myths and the realities of domestic violence is critical to developing effective strategies for combating domestic violence. In addition, because many of these myths are so widely held, it is important to learn how to address these myths when we encounter them as we educate and train others about domestic violence. This DQ will focus on these common myths about and the realities of domestic violence.

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CJS Discussion #1
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List and BRIEFLY discuss three (3) myths related to family violence that shape our opinions and thoughts about DV. What do these myths assume about the causes of domestic violence? In your opinion, what role does the media play in furthering myths related to DV?

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