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I need writing 500 words based on this question:


Based on your understanding of the reading, complete Exercise (In the Classroom) pp. 38-39 #2 (Study the following descriptions of five hypothetical individuals […]). First, share your ranking and support your ranking by referring to the specific factors described in the reading in your initial posting (approximately 350 to 400 words). Your goal is to convince your classmates.





Second, respond to at least one classmate in which you compare your rankings. Share whether you’re convinced by your classmate’s posting (approximately 300 words).

This is the post that I want to response to:


(Based on my understanding of the reading, I rank the five hypothetical individuals according to their chances of acquiring near-native pronunciation in English as:

1) Ulrike from Germany; adult woman with 12 years of public-school training and 2 years in the United States. What’s more, she’s married to an American and has a full-time job. Harada (2007b) demonstrated that adults who attended immersion programs in childhood retained their L2 pronunciation abilities many years later (Celce-Murcia, p. 19). I ranked her first based on the extent of her English training as well as her exposure to English at work/home.

(2) Alex from Russia; tween boy with no English training and 3 years in the US. Celce-Murcia (2010) mentioned the “generally held notion that prepubescent children with adequate exposure to L2 can achieve near-perfect pronunciation with ease” while also stating “early exposure to the L2 does not necessarily guarantee acquisition of nativelike pronunciation” (p. 16). I ranked him second based on his age and his mixed-ethnic surroundings.

(3) Lan from Vietnam; teen/young-adult woman with no English language training; completed school and an undergraduate during seven years living in the US; she successfully applied/became a US citizen, which I believe “implies a desire to be socially integrated in the target culture”, also known as integrative motivation (p. 21). I ranked her next for this reason.

(4) Peter from China; adult man without language training, and 8 years in the US working full-time. I ranked him next based on exposure to L2.

(5) Carlos from Puerto Rico; boy/teen with no English language training nor much exposure to English. What’s key is that he lives in a section of the city (and a home) where Spanish is predominantly spoken. I ranked him last based on his lack of exposure to English.)

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