Textbook Assignment 2: Student Flyer Revision

Assignment Overview

Important note about this assignment: A flyer is a communication tool that attracts the reader with graphics, good use of free space, and appealing design. It should be one page; imagine it hanging on a bulletin board or delivered in an email blast. Examples of flyers for student clubs can be found here.

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Textbook Assignment 2: Student Flyer Revision
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Complete the Chapter 6 Application Exercise 6.18 on page 198; the information from the initial flyer is found on page 196. Please also note that there is a missing space in the textbook that may be confusing; here is the assignment you need to complete:

Exercise 6.18

Please note the following:

  • Process: You should have a process in place to revise this information into a flyer. Exercises 6.5-6.17 will be helpful for this; you are strongly advised to read these and draft as you go.
  • Deliverable: Produce a flyer that contains all of the relevant information. Remember to plan, draft, and review. Your flyer may be reviewed by your classmates, so please take this seriously.
  • Submission: You may use Word or PowerPoint, or another web-based program. If you want to use another program like Canva.com (not Canvas but Canva; it’s fantastic for creating flyers and posters and is linked below), you may submit a jpg. If you use Canva, please make sure to save your word as an editable file in Canva in case you need to revise.

Canva for online graphic arts/flyer creation: https://www.canva.com/ (Links to an external site.)


Think of this exercise as trying to recruit people to a club. How will your submission look if posted to a bulletin board? Would it be eye-catching and readable? Will it have all the information someone needs including time, date, location and contact information? (Some of this information may not be in the initial letter found on page 196; you may need create this hypothetically.)

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