Reflection Module 2 (Week 2)

I selected several online resources that discuss:

NFL Optimizes Schedules with IBM’s Analytics Systems (Links to an external site.)
NFL Optimizes Schedules with IBM’s Analytics Systems

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Reflection Module 2 (Week 2)
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how the NFL uses optimization to compute the best possible league schedules, (Links to an external site.)

how FedEx streamlines costs by optimizing the routing of packages through their shipping network, (Links to an external site.)

how food companies can optimize food production, (Links to an external site.)(in Release Highlights on Transportation Management)

how SAP uses optimization to efficiently load containers and manage transportation of goods more efficiently.

For each example, listed above, identify what type of optimization model was used and discuss key benefits of optimization modeling for managerial decision-making. Prepare a brief reflection (up to 2 paragraphs). Use examples from the readings recommended above; you can also use examples from your professional experience. Post your reflection here by due date (1.5 point).

When posting your reflection please ensure that it contains your first and last name. Read reflections of other classmates and respond to at least one (1) post in a constructive way, e.g. either continuing a discussion or presenting a different example/ alternative opinion/ experience (1.0 point). Posts containing only “Great job!” or “I liked your discussion!” will not be considered and no points would be awarded for such posts.

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