Introduction to the Customer Experience

Discussion 1: Definition of Service

Answer all the questions below

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Introduction to the Customer Experience
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1.What is your definition of service?

2.What went wrong?

3.What are your big takeaways?

Discussion 2: Brad Gets Fired

Service isn’t always easy to deliver. What makes it difficult? Usually the customer. Watch this video (below) and think about what went wrong.

Share what you believe went wrong in this situation. What could Brad have done differently?

Discussion 3: Service Provider Basics

Answer the question below

Let’s think about this perspective on a life is service: “ Life is Service: The one who progresses is the one who gives a little more, a little better service.” – Ellsworth Statler

Thinking about Service Provider Basics, what are the big take-ways for you?

* Before submission, please proofread to ensure content is grammatically correct to include word choice, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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