Dental Clinic

The personal case study will be developed over the course of the class, with the final paper and narrated video presentation due the last day of class. The final paper will be a minimum of 10 pages, with at least five references other than your textbook and course materials. This case will be created about an organization you are familiar with which would be “Dental Clinic” that has an organizational issue. It is best to research and write from a neutral third-person point of view, so place yourself in the role of a paid consultant hired to resolve the issue chosen. You will describe, analyze and resolve an organizational issue specific to that organization and related to what you are studying in this class.

Topics may include organizational structure, motivation, leadership, conflict, policies – anything that could be made better through the application of your knowledge of organizational behavior. You will pick the issue, describe it and its impacts on the organization, research ways to improve or resolve the issue and then recommend a solution. The paper will be written in APA style.

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Dental Clinic
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