Communication Strategy Assignment 2: Motivational Memo

Table of Contents

Assignment Overview

Using the following scenario, craft a formal memo:

You work for a mid-sized company in St. Louis. You have been appointed to a committee charged with developing a plan to reduce energy consumption at the workplace by 35 percent. Your goal is to brainstorm bold ways to reduce energy and craft a memo that announces the plan to the organization’s 150 employees. Here’s some background about the company: Just six months ago, the company reduced its workforce by 40 percent through a round of lay-offs and attrition. Employee morale is relatively low. How do you use this initiative to motivate and inspire?

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Communication Strategy Assignment 2: Motivational Memo
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GuidelinesYou may use memo templates and other guides in formatting your memo but the language must be your own. Consider the information presented in Chapter 5 on how to analyze your audience and communicate your primary message. Please submit as a Word document.

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