Phase shift keying

Subject: Data Communications

Final Theory Exam:

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Phase shift keying
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2. (a) Describe phase shift keying (PSK) and quadrature amplitude

modulation (QAM) and explain the differences between these two

modulation methods. Draw graphs to illustrate the two methods.

(5 marks) ->

(b) Explain with the aid of constellation scatterdiagrams the performance

of PSK and rectangular QAM with the same signal to noise ratio and

alphabet size of M symbols. Your answer should include consideration

of at least two symbol sizes (M) and different signal to noise ratios in

order to discuss their effects on bit error rate and symbol error rate.

(10 marks) ->

(c) Describe how QAM and PSK are used in digital communications. As

part of your answer you should consider the implications of their

performance considerations addressed in part b.

(5 marks) ->

If you use MATLAB or Simulink to help answer this question you

should explain the MATLAB code and/or Simulink model as well as

also uploading the .m, .mlx and/or .slx file(s)


1. No Plagarism

2. All together 3 pages

3. No need of references

4. APA format required

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