Oedipus the King and Lysistrata

For Oedipus the King, I am particularly interested in what you think about fate. To be more precise, I want you to explore the idea that Oedipus is a symbol of us all who might (notice the “might”) be fettered to predestination. In effect, I want you to explore the presence or absence of free will.

Lysistrata presents to us something quite different. The women of the city refuse to yield sexually to their men on the grounds that they believe the war should stop. Is war an inevitablity with humans, and if so, are the demands of the women in the play unreasonable?

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Oedipus the King and Lysistrata
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1. On Oedipus, I believe he is a good representation of some, not necessarily to that extreme. Its evident that no matter what Oedipus were to do, it was his fate fulfill the prophecy of Phoebus. Or was it? Our lives are shaped by many factors and influenced by our surroundings and people to whom we come in contact with. Oedipus had a man telling him he would become a murder and be incestuous. How is that any different than a young man or women being told that he or she will never amount to anything or you will never be more than what you are, whether it be poor, un-educated prone to crime given their immediate environment and a host of other factors. These factors, without a positive influence, could cause one to be “predestined ” to become what ever it is, they say he or she will be. When it comes to the absence of free will, I don’t believe Oedipus was forced to make any of the decisions he made which led to his “fate”. It is actually the opposite. He had the freedom to seek out a prophet. He had the freedom to leave home, he had the decision to murder ect.

Human nature absolutely makes war inevitable we can’t help it. We will fight over where to have the next fight. The demands of Lysistrata and the women of the play were not at all unreasonable. It is interesting how the play shown a light on the power and influence that women have over men regardless of how society views them, while also showing the weakness of men no matter how powerful. Brings to mind the old, if mama aint happy nobody is happy.

2.Fate is something that I have always have thought was part of my life. When things go wrong or a fail at something I just figure that is fate telling me i was not supposed to go that way and to try something else. I mostly use fate is a means to make my self feel better when something happens that I did not like or fail at something. I also think fate happened when I first bumped into my now wife. It had to been fate that put us together and make me enter that establishment that evening.

In the story Oedipus, Oedipus was told that he was fated to kill his Father and marry his Mother. So in fear of the prophecy he left his home and went to Thebes. The profit told him he was going to do something and Oedipus did not want to do it so he left. Then came to find out that he ended up killing his father anyway. That would be a perfect example of fate.

Is war inevitable with humans, I would say yes 100 percent. I have been in the military 20 years now which seems like 19 of it we have been at war. Sometimes it might ask you why are we still at war and what do we have to gain but we are still doing it. Even at home in the US we are at war. We will not call it that but it’s basically the same thing. Protests have broken out all over and continued so we can make change in the way we do things. So this is just like the wars over seas we are there to do something and the protests are there to do something which is to make change.

I think the demands of the women in Lysistrata are not unreasonable. It is their way to protest to create change and it shows that men who are supposed to be superior in power yet fall to this demand by the women.

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