Human 150 discussion

Compose your response to the following questions, and use cited details from the texts in the “New York Stories” page to support your ideas:

  • Which one of the groups you read about in this module — any of the Columbia student groups, The Young Lords, The Nuyorican Poets, or The Comptons or Stonewall activists — resonates most with you? Which of their viewpoints do you connect with or value the most? Explain why.
  • What particular characteristic or tactic of any of these groups do you think made the biggest impact on their goals for resistance or revolution? What do you think was the biggest constraint on any of these groups’ efforts? Explain.
  • How are these groups and their causes characterized differently by different kinds of writers or publications? (For example, how does a magazine article vs. a “prison blog” vs. a published scholar, or a chapter in a literary anthology vs. an NPR story portray the subject?) Explain.

And remember to return later and develop this conversation with thoughtful replies to at least two of your peers’ posts.

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Human 150 discussion
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