ChemLab: Specific Heat Lab


Step 1. Collect 10 mls of Barium ion solution (Ba2+) in a test tube. [To do this you could choose “All Chemcicals” from the “Chemicals” menu. Select Barium ion Ba2+ and choose a new container – a test tube].

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ChemLab: Specific Heat Lab
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Step 2. Add to the same test tube 10 mLs of Chloride ion solution [Another way to add a chemical to a container is to right click on the container and select Chemical]. If a precipitate occurs, you may see it in the bottom of the test tube. You can check to see if a precipitate forms by either double clicking on the test tube, or right clicking on the test tube and then choosing Chemical Properties. This properties table should confirm for you whether everything is in solution, or if a solid (precipitate) exists. Record in your Observations table whether a precipitate formed or if the resulting solution is soluble.

Step 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for solutions containing each of the required cations with the required anions in separate test tubes. Record in your Observations Table if a precipitate forms when each reaction occurs. Record “s” for soluble or “i” for insoluble (precipitate formed).


Chloride (Cl-) Sulfate (SO42-) Carbonate (CO32-)

Barium (Ba2+)

Calcium (Ca2+)

Iron(II) (Fe2+)

Copper(II) (Cu2+)

Lead(II) (Pb2+)

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