Census Search

look up your hometown on Census.gov and really delve in to who lives and works there. What is the socioeconomic diversity (money made); what is the ethnic diversity (race); what is the gender make up; how many people own homes; what are the different age groups and percentages? See what sort of interesting information you find!

Create a word document and label it CensusExercise_LastName_FirstName. But of course, use your last name and first name.

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Census Search
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Write a paragraph or so about what you found. You’ll be submitting this through Canvas and Turnitin will check for plagiarism, so be sure to use your own words.

After you write about what you found, create a list of 5 stories you think a news organization in your hometown should cover and then list to the side of each idea why you thing it is important for that audience.

We will go over these in class, but you should upload your work here before class for a grade.

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