Discussion envisioning the future

In this final discussion, look back on your experiences in the course and provide an overview of what you have learned from the course with regard to popular culture. You can start by reviewing your final projects and your answers to the Module One discussion. In your initial post, address the following questions:

  • How has your definition or understanding of popular culture changed?
  • How do the four lenses approach the study of popular culture with respect to the individual and society?
  • How do the four lenses represent a way of framing popular culture?
  • What are the implications of popular culture on the future?
  • How are you going to implement what you have learned in this course into your own life?

In your response posts, compare your experience to your peers’ experiences.

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Discussion envisioning the future
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  • Compare similarities and differences between your plan for implementing what you have learned throughout the course and from your peers.
  • How do your peers approach the study of popular culture through the four lenses, and how could their insights be useful to you?

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