Strategic Management MBA-599

Prepare a Financial Projection for your organization (minimum 3 years). Integrate your financials and Executive Summary into your final case (see below for an outline of deliverables to include in the final case). In addition, create a PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio files that elaborate on the content of the slides. Make any changes suggested from the Phase 2 feedback. Polish your work by editing the writing for clarity, continuity, external resources, and illustrations. Make sure to eliminate redundancies or earlier work that is no longer relevant.

In addition to the work required for this module, the Final Strategic Management Case report should include the following from previous modules:

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Strategic Management MBA-599
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(From Module 6)

  • Your entire Phase 1-2 report with modifications based on the instructor’s feedback

(From Module 7)

  • Product positioning map
  • Evaluation of strategies and objectives to achieve most favorable market position
  • Description of how you would implement your strategies
  • Specific results you want to achieve including market, financial, and product or service goals

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