Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis: Perform quantitative risk analysis by numerically analyzing the combined effect of identified individual project risks and other sources of uncertainty on overall project objectives. Quantify overall project risk exposure to support risk response planning. 2. Plan Risk Responses: Creating detailed response plans for the identified positive and negative risks. This should include both proactive responses and reactive contingency plans as appropriate. Next, proceed to update your Risk Register. 3. Implement Risk Responses: Identify any secondary risks and update the register. The implementation of your risk response plan for negative risks should have minimized the probability of occurrence and the effect of impact. Conversely, its implementation should have increased the probability of occurrence and the effect of impact for positive risks. At this point, you should have a complete risk register. Please provide a dual P-I Matrix, using the reassessed values found for P and I from the step above. I am responsible for number 3 above, the documents attached are in response to number 1 and 2

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Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
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