Object Modeling Overview

Session 6: Object ModelingOverviewThe SCR Associates case study is a Web-based simulation that allows you to practice your skills in a real world environment. The firm offers IT consulting, solutions, and training. SCR plans to open a new high tech training center, and needs to develop a Training Information Management System (TIMS) to support the center. You are a newly hired systems analyst reporting to Jesse Baker, systems group manager, and will help her develop the system.The case study takes you to the SCR website, where you receive e-mail and voice mail messages fromJesse, obtain information from SCR’s resource libraries, and perform various tasks. Jesse has high standards, but seems very fair. She made it clear that she expects your work tobe accurate, thorough, and professional.Before You BeginTo prepare for this work session, you should review the following topics:• Use case, class, sequence, and state-transition diagramsHow Do I Use the Online Case Simulation?•Read the preview, and review the Chapter 1 background material if necessary.•Visit the SCR Website and Intranet•When the opening screen displays, select this session. Then check your e-mail and voice mail, and startto work on your task list.Preview: Session 6In the last session, you used data and process modeling techniques to develop a logical model of the new system. Now you will apply your object modeling skills to create various diagrams and documentation for the new TIMS system. You will review the background material and develop an object-oriented model that includes several types of diagrams.

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Object Modeling Overview
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